November 10, 2017

The Blind Side Podcast 63, is an overzealous Apple killing off Blindfold Games?

A seemingly strict, and many would argue unreasonable interpretation of a new Apple policy means that we may have seen the end of the much-loved Blindfold Games, unless Apple changes its position.

Marty Schultz has been developing his iOS-based Blindfold Games for four years, and in that time, he's published 80 titles. Even if you're usually not much of a gamer, there's likely something in the Blindfold Games catalogue that you'll like. Board games, trivia games, action games, even horse racing and bowling, Marty's done them all. And they're designed for play specifically by blind users, taking advantage of accessibility technologies like direct touch.

Apple is trying to make sure that the App Store isn't full of multiple apps by the same author that do the same thing. Most of us would applaud Apple for that. But somehow, the Blindfold Games have been caught up in the crossfire, with Apple already having refused to approve two Blindfold Games updates that improve compatibility with iOS 11.

Marty Schultz joins Jonathan Mosen to tell his unfortunate story, and says that unless we as a community can encourage Apple to change its mind on not approving future games and updates, there will be no new Blindfold games, or updates for the existing games. He warns that as iOS keeps changing, existing games may become less compatible over time.

He is encouraging those who want the Blindfold Games to continue to send email to the Apple Accessibility email address,


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